Throughout our history, we have established deep-rooted working relationships with all partners related to our operation and business units. From pharmacies to beauty stores and salons, dermatologists to pediatricians, GP’s and Gynecologists; the ministry of health, customs, and related entities; Poober has the most reliable possible link to all relevant business associates in Iran.

Thanks to these firmly established relationships, the brands we represent have achieved some of the top sales figures in the Middle East and worldwide.


As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves in the Poober family we have gathered over the years as our extended team. Our code of ethics and a culture of excellence sit at the core of our family values, which is embraced as the code of conduct for every employee at Poober.

We believe in creating life long careers for our employees in which the opportunities for growth and continuous learning within our structure are abundant.


In 2016 Poober completed the transformation of its distributors into subsidiaries. With subsidiaries and warehouses in every province of Iran, we own all divisions of our business, giving Poober Group an unparalleled ability in management and control of every aspect of our business.

After significant investments on a strong IT backbone, we have streamlined and automated our management and operational systems from the central Tehran office and warehouse to every province subsidiary down to live on line working tablets in the hands of our field teams throughout the country.


At Poober we believe in expertise and focus at every level of business, and one of the core strengths of our group has come from major investments in training and education. We have separate training divisions for incoming employees and current employees as well as training and education units for employees of related business partners throughout Iran.

With a strong belief in the complete separation and independence of our business units, we focus on independent training and education for each division and each brand. This methodology has lead to the creation of entirely separate and independent teams for each of the brands that we represent and distribute. Thanks to this approach, each brand can reach its full potential in our market while taking full advantage of Poober Group’s collective strength throughout our territory.